Office.com/setup - Microsoft Office is a fantastic tool that provides convenience to corporate and offices work. The Office package favours the users to attain the help of MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and much more through one tool. Alongside, the process of using MS Office is also pretty easy and convenient. The users who are looking to perform their office tasks with ease should visit office.com/setup now and download it. However, for further assistance to download, install, and activate MS Office, we have provided a specific guide below.

Guide to Reinstall MS Office Setup

First, the users need to reinstall MS Office in their computer system. Users who haven't installed MS Office program in their computer system must avoid these steps and move ahead.

  • First, the users require to press the Start + R button on the keyboard.
  • This will open the Run dialogue box, and then insert Control in it.
  • This will pop up the option of the Control Panel tab, and the users need to open it.
  • Once users get access to it, then they require to locate and tap on the option of Programs.
  • Then, the users have to select the option of Programs & Features.
  • After that, the users will access the menu of the program list. There they need to navigate the file of MS Office.
  • Then, users need to Uninstall MS Office from their computer program.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions until MS Office gets successfully uninstalled from your device.
Guide to Download Office Setup

office com setup

The users who are not familiar with the downloading process of MS Office can obtain assistance through these steps. It is highly suggested to be aware while reading and executing these steps to avoid making any mistake.

  • First, the users require to launch the web browser on their computer system.
  • Then, they need to insert the subsequent keyword; www.office.com/setup inside the search bar.
  • This will takes the users to the homepage of MS Office.
  • Once users access the homepage of MS Office, then they require to create an account.
  • Existing users avoid this step and move ahead.
  • The users require to insert their personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, Contact number, and email to attain an MS Office account.
  • Once the users have successfully fulfilled all the prerequisite terms, their MS Office account will be created successfully.
  • Now, the users need to log-in through their account details such as username and password.
  • After that, the users require to navigate and tap on the option of Download.
  • The users can choose among two options; Buy Office option or Start Office Trial.
  • Tap on the preferred option and proceed with the downloading process of MS Office.
Guide to Install MS Office Setup

After downloading the MS Office program from www.office.com/setup, the users require to install it. Below we have provided assistance through steps to install MS Office in the computer system. Follow the steps thoroughly to get rid of making any mistake.

  • The users require to navigate the MS Office file in the downloaded folder of their PC.
  • Once they locate the file, then they need to tap on it.
  • Then, the installation program will ask for a confirmation to launch the program.
  • The users require to tap on the option of YES.
  • The installation process will begin, and users need to wait for a couple of minutes.
  • After some time, the MS Office will be installed on your computer successfully.
Guide to Activate MS Office Subscription

After completing the installation of MS Office on your computer, the users now require to activate the subscription that they have bought. The activation process involves product key provided to the users during the time of purchase. The users who have purchased the MS Office subscription from a retailer will get the product key at the backside of the subsequent package.

 In the case of online purchase, the product key is sent to the users on their inserted email. The activation key is a 25 digit code, and once users find it, then they require to take assistance through beneath-written steps:

  • Launch Start Menu on your preferred computer system.
  • Navigate the MS Office program through the search bar.
  • Launch any Office program; PowerPoint or MS-Word. 
  • Once the program launch, the users require to select the tab of Activate link.
  • Log-in to your registered MS Office account.
  • Then, the users require to insert the product key.
  • After that, their MS Office subscription will get activated successfully.

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